Sydney Cab Service Sydney has been my chosen taxi service for quite some time driving me mainly from the Hills District to the airport and back. It is a great peace of mind for me to be able to book with them when I need a taxi. They always answers promptly in confirming transport. When driver picks me up the service is above and beyond any ordinary taxi driver.
Paul Hymn
I would like to express my thanks for your service. The ease of booking and your continued reliability is a credit to Sydney Cab Service Sydney. Since I started using your service you have never been late and have consistent communication. Airport transfers happen with no problems at all. Much appreciated.
Shane Mandy
They anticipates my needs, whether it is bringing me a coffee, putting the temperature up when I am cold, having a chat or letting me have some quiet time. All taxi's are well maintained. Sydney Cab Service Sydney also seems to communicate to his drivers about the needs and preferences of the individual clients.
nathon clarke
Sydney Cab Service Sydney is the only one I truly rely on. I may not be the most organised but he consistently smoothes out my failings and gets me to where I need to be with the minimum of fuss and a genuine smile every time. We've been 'together' for 5 years and never ever beenlet down.
Joe Saul